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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Just spread enough to cover the hurting area and lightly rub it over the affected area and allow CPR + MSM to absorb in. Apply CPR + MSM and let it do the JOB. Don’t use CPR + MSM if the protective foil is missing.
  • An all natural topical pain relieving cream that works within 5 minutes
  • Some people get a cool sensation, some people get a warm sensation, but almost everyone gets immense pain reduction, hot or cool!
  • CPR + MSM goes on easy when you rub it ion. After it’s on, you’ll feel a tingly sensation (in a good way).. It should absorb in and start relieving soreness very quickly.
  • There is no need to wrap or use socks, mitts or bandages. Just apply the cream and allow it to absorb in and leave uncovered.
  •  You can buy Online or from a retailer. Look under store locations on this website or follow this link
  • Topical pain relievers work locally (at the application site) to relieve multiple types of pain, including: arthritis, simple backaches, sprains, strains, and bruises.
  • As often as needed. Each application should provide you with5-8 hours of pain relief, but this will vary from individual person to person.
  • Stop using CPR + MSM and speak to a doctor if your condition worsens or if symptoms last for more than 7 days.
  • CPR + MSM lotion can be applied topically (to the skin) to painful muscles and joints and injured areas. Be sure to avoid areas of the body like your face and eyes, as well as other sensitive areas.
  • CPR + MSM should be stored out of the reach of children in a cool, dry place (temperature between 20-25˚C [between 68-77˚F]).
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding , ask a health care professional before use.
  • CPR + MSM should not be used on wounds or damaged or open skin.
  • CPR + MSM can be used on adults and children 2 years and older. For children under 2 years of age, you should consult a doctor.
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